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34 commodity specific websites, 200,000+ visitors monthly, 90 clients, top ranked search engine optimized resources news sites, over 450,000 leads generated for our advertisers


  • 200,000+ investors/month
  • 40% USA
  • Institutional and retail
  • Commodity-specific
  • World class journalists
  • Unbiased, independent content
  • Ready to invest


  • Your custom ads
  • Your news
  • Your profile
  • Ready to invest in you


  • Social Media
  • Newsletters
  • Links to websites
  • Double opt-in leads
  • Ready for your call


  • Educated, sophisticated, affluent investors
  • Qualified institutional and retail leads
  • Exposure for your story and news
  • Greater liquidity

Investing News Network

The Investing News Network® (INN) is a rapidly growing network of focused, online publications.

We deliver independent, unbiased news and education for investors in targeted markets.

For investors who are comfortable taking the next step, we offer the opportunity to connect with trusted companies providing investment opportunities.

For these trusted companies, we connect them with investors who are educated in the specific opportunities in that niche and who are ready to engage.


Our network consists of 34 focused web sites where we provide deep niche content.

This content is rolled up from the niche sites to provide broader context on overview sites.

Resource Investing News Network Traffic

Our network of 34 commodity specific websites are staffed with researchers and journalists that monitor the commodities markets in order to produce and select content for an audience of over 200,000 unique monthly visitors.

Syndication Partners

Leading financial portals including Jim Cramer’s, International Business Times and Business Insider recognize the quality of our articles. They have initiated syndication agreements allowing them to include our content on their sites. In return, we receive broad distribution, linking back to our sites and increased search engine recognition.

If your publication would benefit from unbiased, independent news and education on investing markets, contact us and request our syndication partner manager.

The Street

  • Visits/month: 1,000,000
  • Unique visits/month: 900,000
  • Major Market: USA

Business Insider

  • Visits/month: 13,000,000
  • Unique visits/month: 9,000,000
  • Major Market: USA

International Business Times

  • Visits/month: 10,500,000
  • Unique visits/month: 3,000,000
  • Major Market: Global

Google News

  • Visits/month: 69,500,000
  • Unique visits/month: 2,5900,000
  • Major Market: Global


Our audience is primarily made up of institutional and retail investors from the United States and Canada with increased traffic from the UK, Australia and Germany.

Country - Visits %






Demographic highlights from across the network

  • 75% - male
  • 28% - 35-49
  • 56% - 50+
  • 87% - have no kids 0-17
  • 48% - earn $100k+
  • 32% - are Grad School graduates
  • 28% - visit the network from their place of work

Audience Survey

We regularly survey our audience to monitor changes and get great new ideas.

Visit Frequency

  • 39.4% Daily
  • 20.0% Every Other Day
  • 14.1% Twice a Week

Investments In

  • 21.6% Precious metals
  • 17.1% Energy
  • 16.4% Base metals
  • 13.7% Critical metals
  • 11.9% Industrial metals
  • 8.9% Agriculture
  • 5.0% Clean/Green Tech

Active Exchanges

  • 20.7% NYSE
  • 18.3% TSX
  • 17.5% NASDAQ
  • 13.0% TSX.V
  • 9.3% OTC
  • 7.2% ASX
  • 5.7% LON

Using Social Media

  • 39.7% Google+
  • 17.8% LinkedIn
  • 14.5% Facebook
  • 11.2% Twitter

Institutional Audience

Our independence means we also have a strong following in the institutional market including the following subscribers

  • Abbott Financial
  • AXA Financials Services
  • BHP Billiton
  • Brant Securites
  • Cameco Corp.
  • Canaccord Capital
  • Capital Rock Advisors
  • CBC
  • CIBC Wood Gundy
  • Colliers
  • D&D Securities
  • ING Pension Fund
  • Forsyth Barr Ltd
  • Fort House Inc.
  • Greendale Financial
  • Horizon Capital LLC
  • Inggs Capital
  • International Credit Suisse
  • International Asset Management
  • Kapital Investments Group
  • Lentika Capital
  • Midland Properties Inc
  • Mirabaud Securities
  • Mitsubishi Development
  • Morgan Stanely
  • MPartners
  • National Bank Financial
  • National Securties
  • Novadan Capital
  • Nuclear Energy Institue
  • Prosper Fiancial Inc
  • Quest Capital
  • Raymond James
  • RBC Capital Markets
  • RBC Dominion Securities
  • Research Capital
  • Selier Energy Ltd
  • Smith Barney
  • Sun Life Financial

Educational Profile

The educational profile is a snapshot that captures your company's value proposition.

Professionally Written Overview

  • Project highlights
  • Investment highlights
  • Maps
  • Images
  • Mangement bios

Integrated Features

  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Analyst material
  • Link to external media
  • Link to company website

Interactive Features

  • Company latest news feed
  • Yahoo stock chart
  • Personalized lead generation form
  • Video and multimedia material

Analyst Commentary

INN’s independent Analyst Commentary, written by analyst partner Thomas Schuster, will allow our audience to understand the market significance of your latest news while maximizing your exposure to the resource investing community.
  • The analyst report will be added to dedicated section on all the pages of Resource Investing. An information request form will accompany the report for lead generation;
  • An excerpt of the commentary with a link to the commentary will be showcased on your company’s educational profile page;
  • An excerpt of the commentary will be included in each of our 34 newsletters for five business days. On average, we send 69,000 emailed newsletters per week with an open rate of 20%; and
  • We will launch a social media campaign using LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to promote the analyst commentary and news release.

Analyst Interviews

We continue to look for new ways to help investors better understand the resource sector and are seeking interviews with analysts that cover the market. As a client you are invited to recommend an analyst that we will contact and interview.


  • Third party public figure perspective of mutual client
  • Distribution to 40,000 newsletter subscribers
  • Full attribution with contact information of analyst
  • Full editorial control

Interview Format

  • Brief introduction and biography of analyst
  • 3-4 questions, reviewed in advance
  • Recorded call with professional system
  • Disclaimer and disclosure statement
  • Full editorial review before publication


  • Transcript as separate article on the network
  • Featured section of Educational Profile
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

News Catalyst

A summarized monthly collection of upcoming and significant news from our clients that have the potential to act as a catalyst for moving the stock in the next 30 days.

Education Simplified

The public tracks a compay through its press releases, but not all news is significant enough to move stock price. Savvy invecstors, brokers and institutional investors try to identify future news items or "catalysts" that address significant company milestones which can move company's stock price.

Branded Education

  • Your "News Catalysts" are reviewed and summaraized by our partner analyst Thomas Schuster to appeal to the investor audience
  • News Catalysts listed are intended to be a reminder of already publicly released plans.

Connecting Educated Investors

  • Your "News Catalysts" are published in all our Network Newsletters monthly, reaching an audience of 40,000 subscribers
  • Your catalysts are published on Resource Investing News, the highest traffic site (50,000 views/month)

Custom Banner Ads

INN's design team creates custom banners ads that communicate your company headlines with logo and brand imagery

Value Added

  • Leaderboard and medium rectagle advertisement on all pages of the Resource Investing News Network
  • Quarterly advertising reports summarizing your results
  • Updates to your advertisements to include your most recent investment headline.

Branded Press Release

Your company news, accompanied by your logo, is published on the home page of the relevant Investing News sites, educating our viewers to your news.

Better Exposing Your Company

  • Summary of the release
  • Pull quote
  • Link to the press release
  • Link to the educational profile
  • Pushed to social media channels

Better Exposing Your Important News

Higher SEO ranking, higher traffic, more press release exposure and more brand recognition for your company.

Email Advertising

Commodity specific newsletters sent to the audience from each of our sites. The newsletter includes our exclusive content and has open and click rates significantly higher than industry average.

Highly targeted branding opportunities

  • Average of over 120,000 emails each week
  • Companies are branded within each of our 34 commodity specific newsletters
  • To launch your campaign, your company logo, ticker symbol and name will be featured in “New to the Network” section found in all newsletters for a period of one month

Lead Generation

Connecting you with qualified investors.

Building Relationships

On your educational profile and throughout our Investing News Sites, investors may request information on your company via lead generation forms.

Investors requesting information on your company provide their personal contact information and are qualified via a double opt-in system.

Leads Delivered

Client exclusive leads delivered every Friday in a user friendly format.

Customer Service and Reporting

INN creates all the content and advertising for your campaign using what is in public domain within 10 days of an authorized agreement.

Please note that campaigns will officially start 10 days after the agreement is authorized.

We believe in complete transparency. In addition to weekly emails of leads, we provide quarterly reports detailing of all aspects of the campaign including an analytics and a lead report.

Metrics include:

  • Ad impressions
  • Click thru rate
  • Profile views
  • Time on profile
  • Total leads
  • Geographic breakdown

Pricing: The Investing News Network

For pricing details please contact a sales representative
604.688.8231 or

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